I have read up to Chapter 6 of your book.  What a fantastically, moving book. Brilliantly
written with the right balance of knowledge, trauma and heartache that so many of us have
been through, with the wonderful added touch of humour. At times this job is difficult,
particularly going home after a long shift to yet more AS with my son. The chapters
I have read so far have made me even more determined and committed to supporting
youngsters with Asperger's to succeed and get all the support they so rightly deserve.
I have already enthused endlessly to many staff about your book and I think it is a
must for all staff at special needs colleges to read.  I think every member of staff
should understand and appreciate all the battles and heartache that all our parents
have gone through.'
Senior support worker at special needs college and mother of son with Asperger’s Syndrome



’Heartiest congratulations on your book. I think you've written something that will be very important to a lot of people who are faced with similar problems. Apart from being packed full of useful practical information it is also very readable with humour that made me smile. I know that it is going to be a great success. Very well done .’.

Journalist with special educational needs press who is writing an article to be published early in the New Year




….’I got out your book and read and read.................waiting for the tow truck I read and read...................today I am delivering a copy to a family who are in the middle of a fight for the right education for their son with asd..........it is a very good thing you have produced.........it is witty and heart felt.......it made me cry......’


Lady employed by Autism West Midlands - her car had broken down and she started to read the Velvet Bulldozer!





‘I read it from cover to cover in one night. I think it is incredibly well written with both humour, sadness and despair (at times). It made me laugh as well as making me cry at times.


As a former teacher, who's interest area was special needs,  and the role I'm employed in at ‘x’, I know a reasonable amount about the SEN system.  However, through reading your book I learnt so much more………… To spend so long trying to get answers for one child let alone four is mind boggling. To cope with all that, which as I understand is still ongoing,and write a book to help other parents is a great achievement.


My husband has said that he has a lot of requests from parents for books explaining autism etc and related issues to help, and I have told him to recommend this book. I can imagine it will be a real survival guide for many parents.’


Employee at special needs school whose husband is the assistant manager in a book store




‘………… it's brilliant!!... very human, very practical - very easy to access. I predict a classic in the SEN parent field, and shall be telling people about it in schools and wherever I can... Essential reading for all parents with special needs children! . ‘


SEN teacher and adoptive parent of children with physical and emotional difficulties.



‘Velvetly Bulldozing…………Thank you for the book. It's been incredibly useful and quite inspiring…….. Anyway, I took your advice and girded my loins for the meeting……..’



Parent going through the Statementing procedure now.




'I finished your book last night.  Just before I turned out the light, I finished reading that letter you wrote to a psychiatrist 
about your son. 
It painted quite a grim picture of all that you and Robin have had to cope with in raising him and his siblings. 
I thought your final comment  to the psychiatrist struck a nerve.  I'm sure you've had people accuse you of exaggerating
your situation in describing all of these gruelling experiences.  I myself, however, believe every word you wrote and trust 
that writing this story down has helped not only you but the people who might one day read about your plight.  
God bless you for pulling all of this information together into a book and publishing it so that it's out there where people
 can just happen upon it when they're desperately looking for help for their child or children.  You've been doing God's work...’
Parent and teacher



‘I ordered your book from Leicester library……I think this is going to be a VIB - Very Important Book!’
Email from a reader


‘Dear Sandy,
Just emailing to let you know that we have just agreed and finalised my son, Henry's, Statement and it is just about to be implemented. 
Thank you for the Velvet Bulldozer, it was a real help.   Apart from the technical help it also helped us realise that we would be
in for a ride that was rocky in places - one of the greatest weapons in our armoury was, I'm sure, that we were calm and
well informed. It also made us realise that we must be very careful who assesses our child and double check all information
where we could.  
It gave us the courage to insist that his school's input to the statementing information should come from his Yr 2 teacher
and T.A. - who were both experienced and sensible - and NOT from his current Yr 3 teacher who frequently muddles our
dyslexic Henry with another, Statemented, child in the class who has autism.
The result is a good, representative Statement. He's got 10 hrs of one-to-one support, which is good for the area. 
There's a gleam in the Head's eye - he's already got someone in mind for the job who has significant experience of dyslexia 
- I know her too and think she would be excellent.
So. Thanks, Sandy, for writing so courageously. There's one little boy out there into whose life you have brought a huge difference!
Parent who has just successfully gone through the Statementing procedure – using the Velvet Bulldozer all the way!!



‘How you found the time and the energy to write such a magnificent book I do not know.  
Absolutely wonderful and I know I shall be recommending it.’
William Seymour.  Headmaster St. David’s College




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