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If you contact ( )you can ask her to add you to the mailing list so you hear about new titles. She’s just sent me details of the following, which I think will be a ‘cracker.’

"The complete guide to Asperger's syndrome Tony Attwood"

The definitive handbook on Asperger syndrome by the worlds leading expert on this condition.

Publication date: 28 September 2006. The book is available to order from our online shop now.

'An encyclopedia on Asperger's syndrome written in easy-to-read non-technical language.There is a good mix of research information, first person reports and clinical information. The section on sensory over-sensitivity is excellent.' - Temple Grandin, author of Thinking in Pictures and Animals in Translation.

'Tony Attwood explores in depth the complexity of the mysterious group of clinical pictures known collectively as Asperger's syndrome, part of the wider autistic spectrum. He describes all the puzzling and fascinating aspects of these conditions and brings them vividly to life with illustrations from personal histories. He emphasises the fact that the individuals concerned have special skills as well as disabilities. Most important of all, he makes imaginative but always practical suggestions for helping people with the syndrome, their families and others who are involved. The author has achieved real empathic understanding of children and adults whose basic problem is a biologically based lack of empathy with others. The book is to be highly recommended for those with Asperger's syndrome as well as for families, other carers and professionals in the field.' - Lorna Wing

Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2006, 397pp, hbk (Code NAS 673) ISBN 1 84310 495 4

£17.99 plus p&p

To order online please visit:


Multicoloured Mayhem - Jacqui Jackson (Luke's Mum). Jessica Kingsley

184310 171 8.

Very good book.  It is different to the Velvet Bulldozer but  I very much
enjoyed it.  Very sensible advice which sometimes also made me laugh out
loud.  I think we're twins!!

Revealing the Hidden Social Code Social Stories for People with Autistic
Spectrum Disorders

Marie Howley and Eileen Arnold
Foreword by Carol Gray  July 2005 224 pages  ISBN 1 84310 222 6  Paperback

Social stories can be very good.    Following a talk I went to regarding
Social Stories I employed my own social story board (in the form of a scrap
book) for Alex when he first went to sn college and got a lot wrong
regarding relationships.  It was helpful to him and this does work. 
Coincidentally, I'd already written about this book when I realised that I'd
heard Marie Howley speak at the Hillingdon Autistic Support conference in
November.  She was great!   Really gets inside the Autistic head and knows
how to help.   I'm a bit dim as I've only just made the connection - doh!!

Further details can be found on the JKP website:

New Horizons in Special Education

Evidence-based practice in action

Edited by Barry Carpenter and Jo Egerton

With a foreword by Roy McConkey

Publication: 16.5.07

Price: £20 + £2.50 P&P

240 pages approx.

ISBN: 0-9550568-2-9


This book is an inspiration, for both the breadth and depth of its practitioner-led investigations into pedagogies for young people with severe and complex learning disabilities (severe autistic spectrum disorders in particular), and for the example it offers of sustained and authoritative school-based research.

Lesley Saunders,

Visiting Professor, Institute of Education, University of London 

This book is especially welcome… It details in wonderful practicality what it means to deliver a complex curriculum to children with complex needs.

Professor Roy McConkey

University of Ulster, writing in the foreword 


Tracey Deeley, Publications Officer, Sunfield, Woodman Lane, Clent, Stourbridge, DY9 9PT.

 Tel: 01562 882253


Coming Out Asperger Diagnosis, Disclosure and Self-Confidence
Edited by Dinah Murray
November 2005
272 pages
ISBN 1 84310 240 4

This looks like an interesting book - I've just received information from
Jessica Kingsley regarding this new publication.  If you'd like to be put on
the email list to receive info in the future just get in touch with Keith at
JKP ->

Coming Out Asperger explores the complexity of diagnosis for Asperger
Syndrome, the drawbacks and benefits of disclosing a diagnosis of a "hidden
disability," and how this impinges on self-esteem. The contributors include some of the
best-known and most exciting writers in the field of Asperger Syndrome (AS)
today, and include individuals on the autism spectrum, parents and
professionals. The broad range of the chapters, which draw on anecdotal,
professional and research-based evidence, make this book a comprehensive and
highly original consideration of the implications of an AS diagnosis.

The ever-difficult question of who to tell and when once a diagnosis has
been confirmed is discussed in great depth. Liane Holliday Willey and Stephen
Shore examine the dynamics of disclosure, its risks and the possible effect on
self-confidence. Jacqui Jackson looks at how a diagnosis impacts upon family
life. Tony Attwood provides a clinician's view of diagnosing adults, and
Lynne Moxon, Wendy Lawson, Dora Georgiou and Jane Meyerding discuss adult issues
surrounding disclosure, including how to deal with relationships and
sexuality, and disclosure in the workplace, as well as social and disability issues.

A unique and fascinating insight into the important issue of diagnosis
disclosure, this book is an essential guide for people with AS, parents,
teachers, professionals and all those who have ever felt confused about
revealing a personal issue.

Further details can be found on the JKP website:
You can also order a copy of the book online from this page.

Constructive Campaigning for Autism Services: The PACE Parents' Handbook  available through Jessica Kingsley Publishers (

TreeHouse have published this new manual to help parents campaign
constructively in 2005, and help to change services and provision for all
children with autism in their local area.

Treehouse think that the Velvet Bulldozer works well alongside their
handbook. I was invited to the launch and am pleased to be associated with
this book.  It is a very funny, pithy, helpful book and I loved the
cartoons.  Some of you will empathise I suspect.

Schools for Special Needs: A Complete Guide
Gabbitas Educational  ISBN: 0749444096

I have to confess I haven't read this book yet but it has been 'paired' with
the Velvet Bulldozer on Amazon (check it out - quite a good price)  - and
quite a sensible idea it is too.  From the following synopsis I imagine it
contains information regarding finding special needs schools, and their
entry procedures, that I had to scrabble around to find - invaluable! 
Alternately, as I always suggest you could always order it from your
library!  Happy hunting!

This is the definitive guide to special needs education in the UK, fully
revised and updated for this new edition. Special needs provision has
changed rapidly in recent years, as awareness of different conditions has
grown. An increasing emphasis on the importance of meeting the individual,
often complex, needs of each child has meant that finding the right school
is increasingly complicated for parents and their supporting professionals.
"Schools for Special Needs" explains the system and the
application/selection processes involved, and offers parents comprehensive
independent advice on all the important areas. It offers authoritative and
practical advice on how to identify the need for special education and how
to make the right choices. With details of over 2000 establishments and
guidance from experts in all sectors of special education, this book is an
indispensable aid to all those (professionals and laypeople) investigating
the legal and practical aspects of ensuring suitable educational provision
for children and young people at all stages of education.

Reluctant Readers

If your child is a 'reluctant reader' there are some good books around if
you know where to look for them.  As well as the excellent John Townsend
(mentioned in the Velvet Bulldozer), do also check out Chrissie Loveday's website:

She has written a collection of stories for young adults with learning
difficulties. The stories are designed for anyone who wants to practise
reading skills but finds the usual magazines are too difficult and children's
publication are just too childish. Language is simple and sentences
reasonably short. Used in colleges and by teachers of dyslexic courses.

Chrissie has written a handbook on relationships for students with learning
disabilities and their teachers.

There is also a book called 'Kids behaving Badly', which is a behavioural
difficulty handbook for teachers.  Chrissie has spent many years teaching in
a wide range of different schools, special schools, colleges and work
experience placements. Drawing on experience, she has put together a book,  which can be
used by anyone who needs it.

"Saving Samantha: A Young Woman's escape from Childhood Hell"
Publisher: Hay House Publishers     ISBN: 1401910300

Samantha Weaver lived through terrible childhood neglect, which resulted in
deep depression.  At 14 she tried to end her own life such was her despair. 
Now 25 she has pulled herself out of depression and is leading a normal
life.  This book looks like an uplifting read and I'll be ordering it.

Samantha has a very comprehensive website which could be very relevant to
some of you (it is to us as at least two of our children have been depressed
due to their lack of diagnosis and support and we have to monitor them
fairly carefully even now to keep them on an even keel).  I now know that it
is not uncommon for people with Learning Difficulties to tip over into the
mental health sphere so I think that information like this is invaluable.

Samantha gives very useful information, based on her own experience,
regarding, bullying, teenage depression and suicidal thoughts and gives
places to go for help.  There's also a page of very helpful leaflets on
subjects such as child and adolescent depression, recognising mental health
problems in children, etc.

Check out:

Pam Hanson, author of 'Winner or Loser - My Choice'.

"A humorous tale of my life story, presented in my own inimitable style. How I changed from an unhappy child and adult, to a woman with joy in her heart, gaining the freedom to fly like a bird."

This lady is an inspiration. Dreadfully injured in an accident she has tackled life head on and her determination and will-power to succeed where she’d been told she had no hope is awesome. Good on you Pam. Check it out at:

Please let me know if you find these books helpful.


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