Surviving the Special Educational Needs System: How to be a 'Velvet Bulldozer', by Sandy Row.

Published September 2004 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. ISBN 1 84310 262 5

Sandy Row has four adopted children, all of whom it has transpired have special educational needs, all on the Autistic Spectrum (Aspergerís Syndrome, Semantic Pragmatic Disorder). Some have ADHD, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder and Dyspraxia as well.. Sandy and her husband have battled for years to achieve accurate diagnoses, Statements and assistance for the children - fighting two Tribunals against the LEA barristers on the way. ĎA pea-shooter against a tank,í as she wryly comments. Finally they feel hopeful about their childrenís futures and want to share their story and the useful contacts and information they have gained during their journey. Sandy kept reading books that told her what should happen. Her book tells you what actually does happen!

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'Sandy Row's moving account of her family's battle against all odds is truly inspiring as she shares with us the positive outcomes which were laudably achieved. Each chapter resounds with her resilience and that of her family's. Acting as a no-nonsense, practical and intelligent guide, Sandy helps parents learn how to chart their way through the potentially turbulent waters of the Special Educational Needs system. This is a bare-knuckle and heartening reflection of events which ultimately proves that through adversity, truth and justice can prevail. It is a testament to all those parents who have shown unwavering determination and is a must read for parents who need support for their special child(ren) with needs in school.' Dr Angel Adams, Chartered Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychologist